Delivery to foreign address Delivery to foreign address

When you order goods with delivery to foreign address - step by step.

  1. You will find the items you need, and puts them in the basket
  2. In the box (checkout) you fill in all required fields and choose country
  3. Then complete the order
  4. You will automatically receive an e-mail of your order - This is not a final order confirmation.


Note: There will be charged freight for all foreign shipments - The webshop can not calculate freight automatically, this is done manually by us. 

Orders to foreign address will payment be bank transfer or credit card.


Once we receive your order, you hear from us soon as possible.

- Here you will receive a final order confirmation by e-mail in which the freight and the total amount is shown.

- Once we receive your payment, we ship the goods.

Is the delivery address within EU (outside of Denmark) and have you given a valid tax / VAT number, we will remove VAT from the order confirmation / invoice.


All prices on are in Danish kroner excl. VAT, we deliver to addresses worldwide - Read our  terms and conditions.

We answer question in English and Danish language.

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